Our manufacturing facilities feature the most modern production and purification equipment in a variety of capacities capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.  This gives us the capability to handle any custom synthesis and manufacturing project, efficiently and economically producing a diversified mix of specialty organic chemicals in quantities ranging from research and development through process scale-up to commercial bulk production.

The breadth of our production, purification and analysis capabilities allows us to successfully complete the most complex synthesis and manufacturing efficiently and economically.  If you have unique chemical processing needs requiring us to acquire additional equipment or modify an existing plant configuration to accommodate them, we are fully prepared to do so without substantial delay.

Our advanced production and purification capabilities include glass-lined reactors from 50 liters to 3000 liters and stainless steel reactors from 50 liters to 1000 liters with an operating temperature range from –78℃ to 450℃.  Advanced instrumental methods of analysis including NMR, GC, HPLC, FT-IR, MS and many others offer extensive product characterization capabilities.

Large Scale Facilities
2Stainless Reactor50L
1Stainless Reactor100L
1Stainless Reactor300L
1Stainless Reactor500L
1Stainless Reactor1000L
1Glass lined Reactor50L
1Glass lined Reactor100L
2Glass lined Reactor200L
1Glass lined Reactor300L
4Glass lined Reactor500L
2Glass lined Reactor1000L
1Glass lined Reactor1500L
3Glass lined Reactor3000L


Together, our team of highly educated chemists and engineers encompasses hundreds of years of experience in specialty organic chemical synthesis and manufacturing.  With such unparalleled resources available, we stand ready to perform almost any chemical reaction and provide bench-scale, kilo lab, pilot and commercial custom synthesis and manufacturing services utilizing our extensive facilities.

Large Scale Facilities
AcylationAldol Reaction
Aromatic Mannich ReactionCarboxylation
DehydrationDiels-Alder Reaction
1,3-Dipolar CycloadditionDistillation
EsterificationFriedel—Crafts Reaction
Grignard ReactionOrganolithium Chemistry
HalogenationHeck Reaction
HydrolysisKnovenagel Reaction
Reactive HydridesReductive Amination
Suzuki CouplingWittig Reaction

Customer Comments

Customer satisfaction is evidenced by our continuous business with both US and international customers. They can find their solutions under one roof — Tyger Scientific Inc.

“Tyger Scientific is one of the best outsourcing vendors we have experienced. They provided the best quality of material as well as on time delivery in custom synthesis projects. I strongly recommend Tyger Scientific Inc. to any company seeking a satisfactory custom synthesis provider.”

— Jesse Wong, Ph.D, Research Fellow, Schering-Plough Research Institute.

“Over the past eight years many of my colleagues and have worked with Tyger Scientific on dozens of custom synthesis projects. We have been consistently satisfied with their turnaround time, the quality of their work and attention to our specific needs.”

— Larry Dillard, Ph.D, former Associate Director of Chemistry, Pharmacopoeia, Inc.

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